Darcie Cook

I have been passionate about animals from a young age, always watching programmes and looking after my own and family pets at a young age. I now have 4 years experience working with animals and 2 years before that learning at college.

After school I went to college and completed my L3 extended diploma in animal management, I then went on to complete a L2 apprenticeship in animal care at a rescue and boarding centre, here I gained hands on experience with working with animals with different behavioural requirements.
I then carried out some part time work on the dog day care at the same centre after I competed my L2 apprenticeship.

I gained more experience handling large breeds of dogs and training with behavioural needs and working with cats friendly and feral at rescue centres I have worked at after completing my qualifications in animal care.

I have a Jack Russell which I rescued, I have completed a bronze training award with him and various other fun activities and lots of trick training!
With training, love and patience he is now a PAT dog, visiting elderly people in care.

I have experience in looking after and caring for small animals too, owning my own 2 rabbits and looking after many waiting for their forever homes in rescue.

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Email darcie@darciespawsnpurrs.co.uk

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